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A Checklist for Hiring a Duct Cleaning Contractor

Now that it’s getting colder outside, it is important to remember to have your ducts cleaned. Cleaning the air ducts will help your furnace run more efficiently because the air will be able to move more easily through the system (without all that dirt). Duct cleaning can also help you breathe easier because it also removes the dust, dander and other allergens that many people may be allergic to. Hiring a Duct Cleaning Contractor [bctt […]

Hiring A Duct Contractor | Sanair IAQ

Helping you select the best option for an Indoor Air Quality Test

I Want an Indoor Air Quality Test, Please!

“I want an Indoor Air Quality Test!” This is a request that we hear often from homeowners, renters, building owners, etc. All of whom are concerned about the quality of their indoor air.  Many of these people are under the impression that one “test” or “sample” can tell us everything we need to know about the air quality within a structure.  This is almost never the case. There are so many potential contaminants that can […]

Formaldehyde Emissions in Laminate Flooring How Dangerous is It?

Is your home having a negative impact on your health? Is that even possible? We should all pay close attention to Formaldehyde emissions and the potential for exposure via building materials .  According to the National Cancer Institute, Formaldehyde is a colorless, odorless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical. It is often used in construction and building materials and many household products. But there’s a darker side to Formaldehyde: some individuals can experience various short-term effects. In a […]

Formaldehyde Emissions in Laminate Flooring; How Dangerous is It?

Blog - Dryer Vent Standard

Dryer Vent Performance Standards – Defined and Published

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has recently published the following new industry standard. Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEPD) The NADCA Standard For Measuring Residential Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance This is an important standard created for evaluating dryer vent exhaust duct performance. NADCA published the first air duct cleaning standard which was accepted industry wide in 1992. The standard was titled “1992-01, Mechanical Cleaning of Non-Porous Air Conveyance System Components.”  This standard has evolved to […]

Do we know enough about the contractors we hire to work in our homes or businesses?

When we evaluate the contractors we hire to perform a service we normally consider having the following three questions answered: Cost – How much money will I have to pay for the work to be performed? Quality – Is the contractor reputable with good customer references and a favorable Better Business Bureau rating, etc.? How long will it take to have the project started and completed? These questions are obviously important and we need to […]

Hiring Contractors for our home or office