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Ventilation System Cleaning Service; Is it Worth it?

Most people barely give their home’s ventilation system much thought. Your home’s ventilation system is one part of a typical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The ductwork, filters, air handler and plenum are all needed to move treated air (either hot or cold) through your home. If you own a small business that uses an HVAC system, the same concepts apply. The combined volume of a typical building’s ductwork is equal to a […]

Ventilation System Cleaning Service; Is it Worth it? | SANAIR IAQ

Bactibarrier Cleaning System by SANAIR IAQ

BactiBarrier is Changing the World: Cleaning Goes Hi-Tech!

Cleaning Goes Hi-Tech: How BactiBarrier is Changing the World!  It’s getting more important to clean surfaces that come in direct contact with us as we live. Unfortunately, the state of pollution today is such that it’s getting harder to just “keep” anything clean at all for more than a few hours, let alone days.  While the whole world gets smarter — say when it comes to the Internet, technology, automotive, and many others — some […]