5 Reasons You Should Invest in Ventilation Systems Cleaning

Most homeowners, Ventilation Systems Cleaning means they understand the need for regular maintenance on their main HVAC. It keeps the system running well with a minimum of problems. Unfortunately, they do not have the same regard the ancillary equipment – most especially the ventilation duct work – associated with the system.

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With that last thought in mind, here are just a few of the more pertinent reasons why a homeowner should give serious thought to providing regular Ventilation Systems Cleaning of their home’s HVAC system.

Ventilation Systems Cleaning mean…

  • Better Aesthetics – By their very purpose, ventilation ducts collect an enormous amount of dust. While much of this dust is captured by air filters of one sort or another, some of the dust will inevitably collect around the intake and outtake vents of your HVAC system. Scheduled maintenance – specifically the regular changing or your air filters – will also significant diminish the accumulation of dust on other items such as furniture and ceiling fans within the living space of your home.
  • Heightened Comfort – It may not be obvious at first but an accumulation of dust anywhere in your ventilation system will place a strain on the main unit. Not only will it work harder but it will also not be as reliable in keeping the living spaces of your home as comfortable as they would otherwise be. Similarly, accumulated dust can actually inhibit the action of dampers, plenums and other devices that manage the air flow of the system into your home. By simply vacuuming out this debris, a homeowner can improve the overall comfort experienced in the home.
  • Improved Health – The ventilation systems of modern residential HVAC system are usually installed with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. This fact means that these systems not only collect inanimate – somewhat allergenic – dust but also far more problematic pathogens such as dust mites and mold spores. In short, a regularly maintained HVAC ventilation system will reduce the number of pulmonary problems that you, your family and your guests will experience while in your home.
  • Increased efficiency – A 21st century residential HVAC system is a highly engineered and exactly manufactured piece of equipment. As such, it works best if operated in the environment for which it was designed – specifically ones where all of the machines’ routine maintenance requirements are met. In other words, a homeowner will only reap the maximum rewards from the operating efficiency of their HVAC system if they take the time and energy to see that it is properly maintained.
  • Longer Useful Life – Similarly, an HVAC unit that is allowed to lea a less strenuous life will likely last longer than one that is subjected to harsher conditions. This does not mean that the HVAC unit should unit be used when temperatures are high – just that that the unit itself needs to be properly as well as the ventilation ducts leading into and out of it.

There is quite a lot of information available on the proper upkeep of HVAC ventilation systems – from cleaning them through sealing them to repairing them. While many home DIYers can handle these tasks, it is recommended to the average homeowner that they leave the job to a seasoned professional.

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