Air Duct Cleaning Companies, Are They Worth It?

As a homeowner, at one point or another, you’ve probably thought to yourself – are air duct cleaning companies really worth it? Well, you certainly aren’t alone! This simple answer is: Yes! But, it’s just as important to understand why air duct cleaning is so important and what you can do to find a reputable air duct cleaning company.

Why Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Your HVAC system serves as the respiratory system of your home. The air in your home is pulled through this system and recirculated throughout your home several times each day. Over time, this can cause a build-up of contaminants within your home’s ductwork.

While this build-up doesn’t positively mean your home’s air is unhealthy, it could be contributing to larger problems. For homes with someone who suffers from certain conditions, dirty air ducts could be exacerbating symptoms. These conditions include:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Disorders of the autoimmune system
  • Environmental allergies
  • Advanced age

According to the EPA, air duct cleaning is essential for a number of reasons. There are contributing factors can affect the severity of contaminant build-up within your HVAC system. Routine air duct cleaning can be especially beneficial for homes with:

  • Pets
  • Cigarette or cigar smokers
  • Systems that have experienced water contamination
  • Recent renovations or remodeling projects
  • Allergy sufferers
  • Elderly occupants
  • Small Children

How Do I Find A Reputable Air Duct Cleaning Company

Let’s face it—not all companies are on the up and up. It’s important to understand that not all companies have the same knowledge, experience, and work ethic. To find a reputable professional, consult with at least 2-3 potential providers before hiring someone.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to find the right air duct cleaning company for you.

  1. Make sure your service provider has received certification from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Their Find a Professional Directory is a great way to get started on finding a reputable company in your area.
  2. Check with the Better Business Bureau and make sure there are no complaints or issues with their business practices.
  3. Ask for references from previous customers who had a project similar to yours. Experienced, reliable companies should have no trouble providing you with this information.
  4. Ask for proof of licensing that may be required by your city and/or state to perform this type of work.
  5. Ask whether the company charges by the project or by the hour. Make sure your potential air duct cleaning company provides you with a written estimate outlining the complete scope and cost of your project before beginning.
  6. Be wary of pushy contractors who make grandiose claims about health benefits. These types of claims have not been substantiated yet and can not be proven by scientific or medical means.
  7. Be wary of contractors who also claim to be EPA certified for duct cleaning. The EPA does not certify, endorse, or approve duct cleaning companies.
  8. Be sure to choose a contractor that will comply with all NADCA Assessment, Cleaning, & Restoration (ACR) standards, and ask them to complete a Residential Cleaning Evaluation Checklist with you before and after your project.

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