Bactibarrier the Leader in Antimicrobial Systems!

Bactibarrier the Leader in Antimicrobial Systems!

Microbial growth is a fact of life, no matter what kind of surface you’re trying to protect. Unfortunately, the requirements for microbe growth are commonly found in many interior spaces, including between walls, on insulation and other unexpected surfaces, and pretty much everywhere else. While it can be a simple process to deter microbe growth, it can be difficult to do so without introducing environmental and health hazards into the equation. That’s where antimicrobial systems and BactiBarrier comes into play. BactiBarrier is an environmentally friendly way to impede the growth of microbes on a variety of surfaces, thereby helping to protect against the accumulation of indoor air pollutants.

The Facts about BactiBarrier

BactiBarrier is a antimicrobial cleaning system containing an antimicrobial solution that’s EPA-approved and specially formulated to allow its application to any type of surface. This solution can be applied to both hard and soft surfaces in any room in a residential home or commercial building to help prevent the growth of dangerous microbes. The cleaning system consists of a detergent that disinfects the target area and the antimicrobial solution.

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BactiBarrier doesn’t use harmful antimicrobial agents, but instead, repels microbes and deters their growth through the use of electrically-charged particles. These particles are charged to specifically attract microbes, drawing them in close to BactiBarrier’s oppositely-charged molecules. Once the microbes make contact with BactiBarrier’s molecules, their cell walls are ruptured, effectively killing the microbe and preventing it from reproducing.

BactiBarrier can be applied on surfaces in any area, including:

  • Walls, floors, and commonly-touched surfaces like doorknobs, counters, and phones.
  • Bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, tubs, floors, and more.
  • Kitchens, including food preparation surfaces, cabinets, and appliances.
  • Offices and common-use areas such as conference rooms, waiting areas, and hallways.
  • Home or office gym, including pool and locker areas.

When the BactiBarrier antimicrobial systems are applied to a surface, it forms a polymer that cannot be seen, smelled, or felt, but that holds its charge and bonds permanently to the surface. Surfaces treated with BactiBarrier should be cleaned regularly to keep them free of dust and dirt, as these could impede the efficiency of the antimicrobial solution.

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The antimicrobial polymer shouldn’t dissipate with normal cleaning, but may be abraded from a treated surface if an abrasive cleanser is used.

BactiBarrier is Safer, More Effective, and Lasts Longer

While other antimicrobial cleaners work by poisoning microbes to kill them and prevent them from reproducing, BactiBarrier uses no poisons at all, and relies instead on rupturing the microbe’s cell wall. The poisons used by other brands are formulated to dissipate quickly so that the danger to humans and pets is neutralized as soon as possible. However, this means that their efficacy is also over after they’ve dissipated, leaving surfaces once again susceptible to microbial growth. BactiBarrier doesn’t need to dissipate quickly because it poses no danger to humans or animals. This means that BactiBarrier remains effective much longer than other types of antimicrobial treatments, and can even last the full life of the treated surface.

The Leader in Antimicrobial Solutions

BactiBarrier doesn’t give off any harmful gases when it’s being applied or after application. The solution bonds permanently to the treated surface and doesn’t leach onto other surfaces. When used properly and applied to well-prepared surfaces, BactiBarrier is insoluble and will not lose its effectiveness over time. With all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why BactiBarrier has earned a reputation as the leader in antimicrobial systems.

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