The Bactibarrier Cleaning System: Reduce Bio-load on Surfaces

Concern about germs, mold, and other microscopic materials that could create a hazard, is increased when you are dealing with high traffic areas. A new process can help with keeping areas not just clean, but safe from any bacteria that might be developing. The Bactibarrier Cleaning System is a two-step process that is relatively new process that can keep surfaces with heavy use or traffic clean and safe.

The process eliminates pollutants that are already there, and the second step is to install a barrier that will prevent microbial growth. It is one thing to keep an area clean, but even when it is clean there is no guarantee that microbes like germs that spread illness, are not present and active.

What is the Bactibarrier Cleaning System?

Bactibarrier is a cleaning system that utilizes a antimicrobial agent that creates a polymer barrier on surfaces like chairs, tables and floors. It can kill off germs and other microorganisms before they have a chance to develop into a problem. Once the system is applied, you need only do normal cleaning to prevent dirt buildup. If the treated surface is clean it will continue working for a very long time.

With this product you can help combat the spread of germs and protect your immediate environment from health hazards. The potential for the spread of disease, and even insects that can cause health problems, is great. We know more now about the dangers, and with Bactibarrier, we can do more about those problems than ever before.

This treatment is not cleaning itself. You should clean any surface normally, and then apply the Bactibarrier treatment. For commercial operations, authorized application technicians are recommended. Even so, anyone can learn to use this product and it may be used in the home just as well as it is in commercial operations.

The added effectiveness of the Bactibarrier Cleaning System!

There are a lot of systems on the market that are effective in killing germs and leaving behind a clean surface. The only problem has been that they are toxic substances, and they do not last long. What the Bactibarrier Cleaning System brings is an additional step of offering long lasting protection. Bactibarrier does kill off any existing germs or microbe substances like any cleaning system would, but it also modifies the surface where it is applied. That modification creates a protective barrier against microbial substances.

Some common areas where Bactibarrier would be useful

  • Common surfaces like tables, desks chairs
  • Roofing materials
  • Insulation
  • General use, such as plastics, wood, or any wall or floor.
  • Fabrics such as upholstery, as well as carpets.

Multiple uses for the Bactibarrier Cleaning System…

The treatment can be applied just about anywhere on any type of surface. It can be applied to appliances in buildings, furniture and walls. It can also be applied to carpets. About the only place it would not work would be in your yard outside.

Areas that are treated need to be cleaned first, as the Bactibarrier solution attaches to the surface where it is applied. If it is applied to dirt, and then that dirt is wiped away, the treatment will be lost as well.

Bactibarrier is popular in heavy traffic areas and with commercial users. Places like schools, cafeterias, apartment buildings, offices and other public areas are a good place for this material. It can battle germs and reduce public health issues. It is also effective in homes as well, as it is a completely non toxic substance that is safe anywhere.

Trained application technicians may use different methods to apply the product in your operation or business. Options include direct application, spraying or fogging, or an electrostatic process, depending on the type of operation involved.

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