Bactibarrier – The Best Way to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect!

Bactibarrier The Best Way to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect!  Living with the microbes isn’t an easy task, especially not when these microbes are invisible to our eyes but they share the same living environs that we do. Infectious microbes, bugs, and other parasites are an increasing threat to our living conditions and we need something to fight these microbes, all day, every day, throughout the year. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious […]

Bactibarrier - The Best Way to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect! | SANAIR IAQ

Bactibarrier the Leader in Antimicrobial Systems by SANAIR IAQ

Bactibarrier the Leader in Antimicrobial Systems!

Bactibarrier the Leader in Antimicrobial Systems! Microbial growth is a fact of life, no matter what kind of surface you’re trying to protect. Unfortunately, the requirements for microbe growth are commonly found in many interior spaces, including between walls, on insulation and other unexpected surfaces, and pretty much everywhere else. While it can be a simple process to deter microbe growth, it can be difficult to do so without introducing environmental and health hazards into […]

How BactiBarrier Makes an Awesome Cleaning Solution

It’s getting more important to clean surfaces that come in direct contact with us as we live. Unfortunately, the state of pollution today is such that it’s getting harder to just “keep” anything clean at all for more than a few hours, let alone days.  Enter; BactiBarrier! While the whole world gets smarter — say when it comes to the Internet, technology, automotive, and many others — some of our basic needs remained as is. […]

Bactibarrier by SANAIR IAQ

Bactibarrier Cleaning System by SANAIR IAQ

The Bactibarrier Cleaning System: Reduce Bio-load on Surfaces

Concern about germs, mold, and other microscopic materials that could create a hazard, is increased when you are dealing with high traffic areas. A new process can help with keeping areas not just clean, but safe from any bacteria that might be developing. The Bactibarrier Cleaning System is a two-step process that is relatively new process that can keep surfaces with heavy use or traffic clean and safe. The process eliminates pollutants that are already there, and […]

Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses (Microbes) – How to reduce the potential for human exposure, keeping you healthy and safe!

Combating Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses (Microbes)! Microbes live on the surfaces we come in contact with every day. Counter tops at home, door knobs at work, hand rails at school, and oh yes, water fountains and water coolers, too. And don’t forget about the human surface! Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses (Microbes) are EVERYWHERE! It is difficult to not become exposed to germs as we go about living our lives. This is especially true if we […]

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