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5 Things About Indoor Air Quality Surveys You Should Know

Indoor air quality surveys are conducted to evaluate industrial, commercial and residential building environments. Any air quality problems that are considered harmful to employees or residents are treated and/or removed. Indoor Air Quality Surveys – What You Need to Know! An indoor air quality survey is often made when homeowners, tenants in a building or people in a workplace experience respiratory problems, nausea, headaches and other health issues. Many surveys are routine at the request […]

Indoor Environmental Survey Can Help you Breathe Easy

Indoor Environmental Survey, How’s Your Air Quality?

Everyone should be concerned with the quality of the air at home and work. An Indoor Environmental Survey can help determine if you need to clean up your indoor air, which could have a considerable impact on your health. In the meantime, here are some easy tips to follow below so you can enjoy better indoor air quality. A Regular Cleaning Schedule Eliminates Allergens Living and working spaces left un-cleaned for extended periods of time […]

Indoor Air Quality Surveys and Why They’re Important!

When you go outside and the first thing you smell is smog, you immediately think about your future health. So why is it that when you walk into your office building, store or home you don’t question the quality of air?  Most likely the answer to this question is that you clean your home, office and store. The air smells clean, so you assume that it is. Sadly, just because the air smells good, doesn’t […]

Why an Indoor Air Quality Survey might be just what you need!

5 things everyone gets wrong about duct cleaning

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Duct Cleaning

There’s no doubt that some unscrupulous contractors have done their share to impugn the value of this service. But it doesn’t help that assumptions, half-truths, distortions and inaccuracies actively swirl around duct cleaning like a wilted dandelion arching over an overworked compressor.

I Want an Indoor Air Quality Test, Please!

“I want an Indoor Air Quality Test!” This is a request that we hear often from homeowners, renters, building owners, etc. All of whom are concerned about the quality of their indoor air.  Many of these people are under the impression that one “test” or “sample” can tell us everything we need to know about the air quality within a structure.  This is almost never the case. There are so many potential contaminants that can […]

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