Residential Air Ducts – Is Cleaning Important?

Do you need to clean your residential air ducts?

Clean residential air ducts keep your ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) working efficiently in your home to save energy and provide good air quality. How often you need to clean the ducts depends on the age, usage, and overall condition of your HVAC system. Many HVAC professionals recommend air duct cleaning every three to five years, based on the location of a home and how often the HVAC system is used.

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Homes that are not occupied during the day may have the thermostat set on a timer to limit HVAC usage. The heater or air conditioner turns on automatically to heat or cool a house before residents arrive home. Thermostats can now be accessed remotely through smartphone programs that allow users to adjust their HVAC systems to save energy. This can increase the life of the HVAC system and it may limit the need for duct cleaning.

Other homeowners keep their heater or air conditioner working at all times. Ducts may accumulate dirt and debris as air is taken in to be cooled or heated. Ducts that are damaged and leak air or are clogged with debris force the intake and return systems to work harder and use more power. You may have ducts that need cleaning if you find that your energy use has increased along with your utility bill.

The EPA recommends residential air duct cleaning under the following conditions:

  • Dirt and debris are clogging the ducts and inhibiting air flow.
  • There is evidence of mold build-up or other harmful pathogens in the ducts.
  • Mice and other vermin are found in the ducts.

Residential Air Ducts Need Regular Check-Ups

HVAC professionals who are members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association know how to expertly find cracks, tears and excessive dirt in the system. The entire network of ducts is inspected prior to cleaning.

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Air leaks can waste power. They are often the result of breaks or tears in the hard surface or the joint work in the ducts. Dust and dirt along with mold, pollen and pathogens can find their way through the broken ducts. Mice and various insects can build nests in the ducts. This debris must be carefully removed during the cleaning process after the ducts are repaired.

Residential air ducts cleaning involves scraping the walls of the ducts to remove any dirt and debris that adheres to the surface. Special blowers, vacuums, and brushes are used to remove debris by trained HVAC professionals. The condenser coils and drip pan along with the heat exchanger are also cleaned during the process.

Grilles, blowers, motors, registers and other items that are part of the system are cleaned as well. Filters are changed. The entire system must be cleaned for good air quality and maximum energy efficiency.

When to clean residential air ducts?

Your utility bill may increase slowly over a couple of months. You may suspect that your air ducts need an inspection and cleaning if your system does not deliver the heated or cooled air as set by your thermostat. You or your family may experience uncommon allergic reactions including sneezing and coughing. A foul odor and dust may come from the vents.

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Check the age of your heater and air conditioner and schedule a professional evaluation and a cost estimate for cleaning the entire system. You will save energy and provide good air quality for yourself and your family.

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