BactiBarrier is Changing the World: Cleaning Goes Hi-Tech!

Cleaning Goes Hi-Tech: How BactiBarrier is Changing the World!  It’s getting more important to clean surfaces that come in direct contact with us as we live. Unfortunately, the state of pollution today is such that it’s getting harder to just “keep” anything clean at all for more than a few hours, let alone days.  While the whole world gets smarter — say when it comes to the Internet, technology, automotive, and many others — some of our basic needs remained as is.

That was until BactiBarrier came along. This technology that promises cleaner surfaces is backed by the EPA and used by sports teams such as Washington RedSkins, The Minnesota Vikings, and The Miami Dolphins, so says Robert Falzone.

Microbes can wreak havoc on our lives and we need ways to protect ourselves. BactiBarrier — as apt as the name is — promises to deliver just. It’s the “new standard for care” and while it might look all techy, it really isn’t. It’s simplicity that promises to come home with you.

With 2 in-built steps, it not only helps you clean but also prepares you for the long haul. While step 1 eliminates pollutants, step 2 provides a barrier that keeps those microbes out for a long time.

This is how it works:

BactiBarrier is an eco-friendly, bonded, odorless, non-corrosive nanotechnology that uses cationic charge density in the cross-linked polymer structure. It simply means that the molecules of BactiBarrier solution actually have charged particles built with opposite charges as compared to microbes generally. When applied, there’s a little skirmish between these particles and microbes which — and we clearly know who is winning — effectively eliminates the microbes.

The next step is more of a protective add-on, which deploys a protective film across surfaces to ward off harmful elements, microbes, and germs.

Why BactiBarrier is a good bet?

There are no harmful chemicals used. There are no metals and derivatives of metals. With the push on everyone to go green, BactiBarrier is as eco-friendly as it can get. All that BactiBarrier does is that it bonds with the surface (to be cleaned) and destroys microbes mechanically (not chemically as most other solutions do, in case you weren’t paying attention).

Is BactiBarrier effective?

By itself, BactiBarrier is effective all right. The magic, however, doesn’t just stop with BactiBarrier and the technology within. There’s also this electrostatic sprayer that makes sure that the solution is applied evenly across the surface without tolerating any misses. Here’s an illustration from the BactiBarrier website to show the effectiveness of the electrostatic sprayers:

Cleaning surfaces — especially those we make contact with on a day-to-day basis isn’t an option. That said, it’s nice to see technology taking over a sometimes, ineffective, arduous, and often-dangerous process (cleaning with hazardous chemicals) when it comes to protecting our indoor environments from unwanted microbes.

Using harsh chemicals is not only potentially hazardous to the environment, but these chemicals can have a negative impact on our health.

I know you have heard that the most dangerous place in our homes is under the kitchen sink!

There may be more truth to this than you think. Just read the labels on a few of your favorite cleaning products and you will likely tend to agree with me, if you don’t already.

In commercial buildings the most dangerous place may be the Janitor’s Closet!

To learn more about the safe handling of any chemical, cleaning product, etc., go to the manufacturer’s website and download a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

How do you keep your surroundings clean? What do you do to ensure proper environmental hygiene? Have you used BactiBarrier yet? Would you like to learn more about this safe and effective alternative?

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