Dryer Vent Performance Standards – Defined and Published

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) has recently published the following new industry standard.


Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance (DEPD)

The NADCA Standard For Measuring Residential Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance

This is an important standard created for evaluating dryer vent exhaust duct performance.

NADCA published the first air duct cleaning standard which was accepted industry wide in 1992. The standard was titled “1992-01, Mechanical Cleaning of Non-Porous Air Conveyance System Components.”  This standard has evolved to become, today “ACR-2013, Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems.”

NADCA’s development and publishing of industry standards and white papers has continued to provide important information for consumers, contractors, engineers and environmental consultants, to name a few.

The standardization of a process, service, or performance criteria is important as it allows us to answer some of the following questions:

  • Is there a need to have work performed?
  • How should work be performed?
  • What are the expected results of the work performed?
  • Is my equipment, appliance, etc. functioning properly?

The importance of the DEPD testing standard is that it addresses how to determine if a dryer exhaust is functioning properly. Knowing the performance values of the exhaust system may help to reduce clothes dryer malfunction and equipment damage, due to overheating associated with restricted or insufficient air flow. We may also be able to save money on costly dryer repairs and increased energy bills.

Are overheating dryers and improperly performing exhausts safety concerns? Absolutely!

Fires associated with improperly performing dryer exhausts frequently make media headlines and are a very real concern.  We have seen how a dryer exhaust fire in one apartment or condominium can impact many other units in a housing complex with fire, smoke and water damage.

According to the NFPA http://www.nfpa.org/~/media/Files/Research/Fact%20sheets/homesfactsheet.pdf), four percent of structural home fires are caused by the clothes dryers or washers. This may not sound like a high number, but doing the math it equals to approximately 14,664 fires per year in the United States, with over 3,963 injuries and 25 deaths.

I think we see how important it is to verify our dryer exhaust systems are functioning properly. Implementing the DEPD standard will help us achieve this goal.

The standard is only for residential type exhaust systems and does not meant to evaluate commercial dryer exhaust systems.

You may obtain a free download of the DEPD standard by following this link (http://info.associationheadquarters.com/the-nadca-dryer-exhaust-duct-performance-standard)   to the NADCA website.

Please contact SANAIR IAQ (757-873-2091) if you have concerns or questions regarding the performance or cleaning of your dryer exhaust duct systems.

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