How Duct Sealing Spray is Changing The Industry!

Many businesses suffer from high energy bills. These energy bills are caused by leaks in their HVAC ducts. Not only are they paying out an astronomical amount in energy bills, their business develops a musty smell because of the condensation. So how can duct sealing spray save you time, money and costly repairs?

How Do You Know if Your Duct Work Is Leaking?

So how do you know if your duct work is leaking? The only way to find out if your duct work is leaking is to have it evaluated. Unlike a water leak, you cannot see an air leak. They are completely invisible. Other than putting your hand over the exact location of the leak, you will not know that air is escaping.

Do you have high heating costs? Are you unsure why your heating costs are increasing over time? There is a big chance that your duct work is leaking, which is causing heat to leak out into places that will not warm your office building or commercial property.

If your duct work is leaking, it most likely needs to be sealed. Sealing duct work has always been known as a hassle. It involved a messy, mastic paste and a roll of tape that never really did the job it was supposed to do

The problem with large businesses is the location of the HVAC ducts. They are difficult to get to, and even if they can get to them, there is not enough room to repair them. For years, these ducts have been replaced due to space constrictions.

How Does Duct Sealing Spray Work?

With the invention of Aerosol, these ducts can now be repaired without the difficulty that was faced before.

Once the ducts have been sealed with Aerosol, businesses have reported an average of 20 percent savings on their energy bills. This is why it is so important that HVAC companies take the time to train their employees in the use of Aerosol for duct work repair.

Aeroseal (Duct Sealing Spray) was created and patented using a material that corrects duct leaks from the from the inside out. The escaping air is put under pressure, which causes the Aeroseal polymer particles to stick to the leaks and seal them.

Duct Sealing Spray is a non-toxic spray that is sprayed into the HVAC ducts. The particles are blown around in the duct work until it finds a leak. When a leak is found, the particles adhere to one another and bond over time, until the holes and leaks are completely sealed.

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