How Often Should You Have Your Residential Air Ducts Cleaned?

The quality of air in your home is closely related to the condition of your HVAC system. If your ducts are clogged, air flow will be restricted and your heating and cooling bill will soar. Also, your family’s health may be affected by contamination in your residential ducts. There are numerous reasons why residential air ducts may need cleaning, including excessive dust and dirt, vermin, mold and damp. If you suspect your HVAC system is not performing as it should, have your residential air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned.

Age and Condition of Your Residential Air Ducts

Residential ducts are often a combination of fixed galvanized or aluminum duct work in trafficked areas and lightweight flexible ducting in roof spaces where it is less likely to be disturbed.

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As ductwork ages, it becomes susceptible to damage. Lightweight ducting isn’t particularly robust, and it can weaken and tear with age. This often occurs where ducting changes direction, runs over roof beams or passes through narrow spaces, especially if it isn’t adequately supported. The only way to be certain your residential ducts are in sound condition is have them regularly inspected for damage.

Things That Can Affect Residential Air Ducts –

  • Mold or Damp Contamination – Damp and mold go together, so it’s essential your ducts are clean and dry. If you find damp in your ducting, it’s important to locate and repair the source of the moisture. Typical reasons for damp include leaking pipes, roof leaks and storm damage. Mold will grow wherever there is moisture, especially if there’s a ready source of nutrition, such as residential dust or other building materials. Mold grows readily in HVAC systems.
  • Vermin Infestation – The warmth and comfort of your home may attract rats, mice and insects. They especially like the flow of warm air running through your residential ducts. Unfortunately, they carry diseases and their droppings pose a health risk; they need to be eradicated. If they get into your duct work, their bacteria and other waste matter is blown throughout your home, potentially causing illness. Potential effects of vermin infestation in your HVAC system include asthma, allergies and food-related illnesses.

Thorough Residential Air Ducts Inspection First

If any members of your family are experiencing unusual health or respiratory problems, it’s a good idea to have your residential ducts inspected to see if the reasons are related to mold, damp, dust or vermin in your ducts. It’s essential the contractor checks the entire system and not just those parts that are easily inspected. In many instances, contamination will be found in places that aren’t easily accessible except by using some form of camera on an umbilical cord or similar technique.

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Choosing Your Duct Cleaning Contractor

You need a residential duct cleaning contractor who has the right equipment for inspecting your ducts properly, as well possessing as suitable cleaning equipment. Residential duct cleaning is not something that anyone can do. Additionally, it will be necessary to access ducting in crawl and roof spaces.

Request your contractor to provide evidence they’re registered with an association such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Also ask for references and check them out; don’t assume that every customer is satisfied. If you receive negative reports, follow through and find out what the problem was.

Regular Inspection to Avoid Future Problems

The only way to be sure your duct work is in good condition is to have it inspected periodically and get damage repaired promptly. Because each installation is different, you should discuss and agree an appropriate inspection frequency with your duct cleaning contractor. In this way you’ll avoid unexpected heating and cooling bills caused by blockages and avoid health issues caused by mold, dust and vermin.

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