How to Seal Ductwork from the Inside with Aeroseal

Sealing air ducts to increase energy efficiency in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system usually involves a labor-intensive process of physically checking every seam, joint and connection in every duct. Metal foil tape is then applied — to the outside of the duct — to stop air leaks and prevent dust from entering your ductwork. A faster, more efficient way to seal ductwork is available, with Aeroseal.

Seal Ductwork From the Inside Outside

Metal foil tape applied to the outside of air ducts must act against positive air pressure to maintain the seal. The crack, hole or flawed joint is still there, beneath the foil, so you are depending entirely on the adhesive to keep the leak from blowing through the tape. With Aeroseal, you actually “heal” the hole. The aerosol sealant moves through your ducts without disturbing your system’s air handler, heat exchanger or evaporator coil. Wherever air is leaking, the aerosol sealant builds up and plugs the hole.

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This means the same positive pressure used to move treated warm or cool air through your ducts is now used to stop the leak, and since it “heals” from within, the bond is secure, permanent and air-tight. No depending on foil tape, no worry about an adhesive holding strong.

A Fast, Permanent, & Accurate Way to Seal Ductwork

Crawling through attics, crawl spaces (that is why they are called crawl spaces, after all!) and struggling to reach around registers and vents, a professional HVAC technician can try very hard to reach every leak, but success is not certain. With Aeroseal, every gap — from a stray screw hole left open in a metal duct to a nearly invisible slit in a flexible duct to a badly joined seam between duct sections — is completely sealed, from inside the duct, permanently.

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With Aeroseal, your ducts are sealed automatically, using the same airflow that moves warm and cool air through your ducts for heating and cooling. Nothing is left to chance; no technician has to struggle to reach barely accessible tops of ducts; simple moving air and the special Aeroseal compound does the job.

Trained Technicians Seal Ductwork Best!

Aeroseal does not remove the expert eye and practiced hand of knowledgeable technicians; instead, they perform the brainwork and setup. A mere one to two ounces of sealant, circulating through your ducts, does the actual sealing.

Think of a can of spray paint. Roughly 11 ounces of spray paint can cover some 20 square feet. The total “surface area” of the leaks in your ducts is far less than 20 square feet (more like a fraction of a square foot), so the aerosol sealant moving through the ducts is more than sufficient to find and plug every hole.

The technicians can assess your system before sealing (pretesting) and then after, so you know exactly what kind of improvement in airflow you get. Improved airflow means your system performs more efficiently, saving you money and fuel.

Cleaner Air from Sealed Ducts!

Cracks and holes in ductwork also allow outside dust into your ducts, to move through them and out the supply registers. Your family breathes dust that never even met your HVAC system’s air filter. The return air registers may pick up some of that invasive dust, but most of it settles on floors, fabrics, and horizontal surfaces like furniture and counters.

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With Aeroseal, your ducts are kept cleaner, outside dust cannot find its way into your HVAC system, and your indoor air quality improves. For families with very young children, pets, or elderly people (or anyone with a compromise respiratory system), clean ducts can mean fewer allergic reactions, fewer asthma attacks, and happier lives.

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