Specialty Coating Systems to Prevent Moisture Damage

Corrosion can cause all kinds of problems, whether it’s rust on an exterior metal door or the disintegration of the drain pan in your HVAC system. Without the proper care and treatment, any metal surface is susceptible to the loss of integrity and degradation that comes with exposure to oxidizing agents like moisture and oxygen. Fortunately, there are effective coating systems to protect metal surfaces that are found in residential, factory, commercial, and office buildings. Here’s what you need to know.

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Using Pancrete Coating Systems to Protect HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are a necessity for most residential, commercial, office, or industrial buildings. The expense of installing a new HVAC can be astronomical, and premature failure can throw a wrench in the finances of even the most prepared homeowners and commercial enterprises. One of the main causes of premature failure in HVAC systems is corrosion. Not only can it cause leaks in drain pans, rust can cause air quality issues, as well as collapse of supporting structures, poor air filtering, and more. Corrosion can be prevented or repaired at a much lower cost than replacing the entire system, but only if the proper steps are taken before it’s too late. Pancrete can be used to restore the drain pans of any HVAC system, as well as interior surfaces of the air handling unit, such as vertical sidewalls, supporting structures, fan enclosures, and many other surfaces inside and outside the unit.

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Pancrete creates a surface that’s uniformly level and repels water. It permanently seals leaks that have already formed, and adds years of service to the lifespan of equipment. The level surface in drain pans helps alleviate problems with water build-up and stagnation, while the water repellant nature of the coating eliminates water that would otherwise sit on the surfaces inside the unit. Level surfaces, proper drainage, and drier surfaces result in less fungal growth or bacterial build-up, keeping these elements out of the air circulating through the system.

KEFA Coat and Surface Protection Systems

Condensation can happen anywhere the air temperature and a surface temperature collide. It’s the interaction between water vapor and a cooler surface that causes small water droplets to be pulled out of the air to collect on the surface. It’s tough to keep it from happening in many manufacturing and industrial situations, as well as in residences and other buildings in certain climates, so having the proper protection is important. KEFA Coat is a specialty coating that creates micro-pores. These pores are meant to keep condensation from forming on surfaces like walls, ceilings, and anywhere else condensation may occur. A coating of KEFA Coat just under ¼ inch thick can create enough micro-pores to absorb up to a quart of condensation spread over ten square feet. After the water is absorbed, it spreads throughout the coating’s micro-pores and evaporates in one-third to one-half the time typically required for the process. KEFA Coat also doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria, algae, mildew, or mold.

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KEFA Coat comes in different varieties for different applications. For example, KEFA Exterior is for use on the exteriors of buildings in humid environments, while KEFA Airless is formulated for use on interior walls. KEFA Coat reduces noise, and can be painted on any surface as effective rust prevention and insulation.

Importance of Corrosion Prevention with Specialty Coating Systems

No matter where you’re trying to prevent corrosion, it’s important to use the right specialty coatings for the job. KEFA Coat and Pancrete are two outstanding options when it comes to protecting your home, business, and other important priorities from the damaging effects of rust and the growth of harmful substances.

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