Drain Pan Care & Refurbishing

SANAIR IAQ | Aeroseal

Example of resurfacing with Pancrete:

HVAC equipment represents an expensive and required addition to commercial and industrial buildings. After ten or more years of operation, and oftentimes sooner, systems become corroded shortening their usable lifespan. This premature replacement strains budgets SANAIR IAQ provides our commercial clients with the option of refurbishing their drain pans instead of replacing, a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly option. We use Pancrete, a product that rebuilds and strengthens the worn out pans, stops corrosion and adds years of additional equipment life.

"We have used the Pancrete product to coat deteriorating condensate pans and condenser section floors of several rooftop air conditioning units. The coating has sealed leaks and extended the equipment service life without costly structural component repairs or replacement."

- Carroll Jones, Jefferson Lab Facilities Mechanical Engineering Manager

For more information on Pancrete, visit http://www.pancrete.com.

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