Moisture & Condensation Control

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Mold Growth in Air Handling unit from condensation

Environmental friendly products that we use to control moisture and biological growth include:

  • Kefacoat
  • Fiberlock

  • Water is one of the main factors we see affecting indoor environments. The presence of unwanted water is usually the result of water intrusion from leaks or condensation forming on surfaces that repeatedly reach dew point.

    Water is a necessary component to support biological growth.

    It is vital to control water within indoor environments to control bacterial and fungal growth.

    SANAIR IAQ uses the latest technology combined with our experience to identify source areas of unwanted moisture.

    SANAIR IAQ locates sources of moisture by using moisture mapping techniques that employee thermal imaging and moisture meters.

    Moisture control coatings, such as KEFA Kote, are used in areas where unwanted moisture has been difficult to prevent by mechanical means. KEFA Kote, in particular, is an unconventional product, that prevents surface water from forming. It also performs exceptionally well at insulating surfaces and eliminating static. And it works indefinitely!

    Specialty Coatings are effective at preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria within air conveyance systems. Coatings can be applied to resurface and seal deteriorating fibrous duct lining and fiber board ductwork, extending the life of the duct system.

    Energy Savings – Energy costs continue to increase. Providing air conditioning for a facility is costly and “for most commercial buildings it is responsible for more than 40% of total energy use.”(James Piper, P.E. - March 2009)

    SANAIR IAQ is able to help reduce energy consumption by using a robotic delivery system to apply coatings to seal the seams and joints of the duct system. Reducing Energy Loss!

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