Shipboard System Cleaning

SANAIR IAQ | Aeroseal

SANAIR IAQ has performed shipboard cleaning on United States Naval and Coast Guard Vessels. We have also performed cleaning onboard commercial vessels and private yachts.

Our services have included the cleaning of the following shipboard systems:

  • Ventilation Supply
  • Ventilation Recirculating
  • Ventilation Exhaust
  • Galley Exhaust
  • Scullery Exhaust
  • Main Diesel Engine Exhaust
  • Diesel Service Generator Exhaust

Components cleaned in these systems include:

  • Ductwork, fan rooms, fans, fan coil units, evaporator coils, reheat coils, intake grilles, supply diffusers, turning vanes, damper, silencers and more.

We use multiple cleaning methodologies, including cryogenic (dry ice blasting) are used in shipboard cleaning.

Our shipboard cleaning services are used from New Jersey to the Gulf Coast and along the Atlantic Seaboard. We have cleaned shipboard ventilation systems throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Gulf Coast

All of our technicians have completed the ten hour OSHA safety training course and are engaged in ongoing safety training programs. Safety training helps to ensure worker and jobsite safety in the marine environment.

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